Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting What They Wanted--Good and Hard

When pro-Russian Crimeans begged for Putin's Russia to take over, just what the heck did they expect?

Because the Russian commissars are coming to run Crimea:

And it is not just the Crimean elite that is about to get a hard lesson about what it means to be a subject of the Russian Federation.

The daily Noviye Izvestia reported that the Russian armed forces plan to draft 2,500 Crimean men in the autumn, a fivefold increase over the spring draft.

Leonid Grach, the former head of Crimea's legislature, noted that anti-Moscow sentiments are rising on the peninsula and the Kremlin could face a rebellion if it is not careful.

Perhaps. And if so, it would likely be suppressed as ruthlessly as it would anyplace else.

If Crimeans are experiencing buyer's remorse, it's coming a bit late.

Especially now that the commissars are coming.

Yeah, New Russia is the same as the Old Russia--and their Soviet interlude.

I was amazed at the eagerness of so many Crimeans to break into the prison:

And let's wrap our heads around the idiocy of Crimeans begging to go into Putin's Russia. Did nobody point out that when the opportunity presented itself between 1989 and 1992 that everybody who could manage it escaped from the then-Soviet Union's loving grip?

But they thought they were special.