Friday, July 31, 2015

Je Suis Cecil?

Tragedy. Statistics.

Zimbabwe's government is outraged??!! (from the "tragedy" link) Cecil's death is probably the best propaganda opportunity that thug regime will get this decade.

People are funny.

Although I thought the logic of all this means that killing lions just makes more of them.

Or should this whole thing be #BringBackOurCecil?

UPDATE: Actually, given the Left's reaction to terrorism, shouldn't their reaction to Cecil' death be to ask if lions should ponder "why do they hate us?"

UPDATE: Luckily, rumors of the death of Cecil's "brother" were false:

Zimbabwe wildlife authorities on Sunday dismissed rumours that a second lion, known as Jericho, had been slain after the killing last month of Cecil the lion by an American trophy hunter caused a global outcry.

Good thing, because the dreaded anti-dentite backlash could have erupted again:

But as I noted, people are funny.