Monday, July 20, 2015

The Thin Red Line Segment

Britain is determined to be a solid military ally for America despite dramatic reductions in British military power.

This is good news:

“There are few areas where our strategic interests are more natural, or our global interests are more aligned, than at sea,” [the Royal Navy’s First Sea Lord Adm. George]Zambellas told an audience at the Royal Institute of International Affairs — also known as Chatham House.

Zambellas said the 75-year-old partnership, which dates to the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II, is about to become “even closer and stronger” thanks to a combination of sustained investment in ships and equipment and on the “direct practical [and] spiritual support we’ve had from the US Navy.”

I'd rather have a Britain with a military capable of acting independent of us. But you go to war with the ally you have and not the ally you wish you had.

And Britain has to face reality, too. This is what you do when you can no longer carry out significant independent operations.

Britain is lucky we exist. Who do we support if our military capabilities are scaled back too much?

So this is good for us as a consolation prize sort of thing. But then, I said that in the air and at sea, using tribal auxiliaries to support our armed forces would be easier.