Thursday, April 24, 2014

Asking Iranians to Give a Little More for Assad

If we had smart information operations, we'd be slipping into Iran discussions of how Iranians should be proud of how they sacrifice to keep Hezbollah and Assad fighting.

Iran is feeling the pinch of supplying Assad and Hezbollah:

Iranians have rushed to gas stations to fill their cars before a price surge expected at midnight on Thursday, as President Hassan Rouhani pushes ahead with a policy to cut fuel subsidies.

The new prices of subsidized petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) have not been announced, but the increases will test Rouhani's support among a population battered by soaring inflation that has been exacerbated by economic sanctions.

You have to free up money for adventures abroad some way.

Pity we eased those sanctions. Oh well. At least we can remind Iranians of what their leaders spend their nation's money on supporting. We'll do that, right?