Sunday, March 31, 2013

B-2s Just the Tip of a World of Hurt

I wonder where our cruise missile subs are?

We have four of the converted nuclear-missile subs with over 150 Tomahawks each in our arsenal. Once we surfaced three of them at once all near enough to China to be worrisome to Peking.

We used one of them for the Libya War. So we know they work. Having two or three close enough to North Korea would add a lot of warheads coming down on North Korean artillery pieces, air defense sites, ballistic missiles, nuclear facilities, and command-and-control facilities in a short period of time.

We loudly displayed our B-2s to North Korea. Which could harm North Korea a great deal. Add in 2 or 3 of our cruise missile subs--plus the cruise missiles in our other subs and surface vessels in the western Pacific and Army long-range tactical missiles--and we'll have quite the initial punch to shake up the North Koreans enough for our aircraft to start hammering North Korean forces.

You never can tell what North Korea's leaders believe they can get away with. I'd rather squeeze North Korea into collapse. But if they try something, let's remove that faith in what they can get away with.