Thursday, October 27, 2011

Merkel: I Will Kill This Cute Puppy!

As I've mentioned many times, the European elites believe that the anti-democratic European Union under the gentle but firm grip of Euro elites is the only way to save Europe from the ugly passions of the grubby peasants who have plunged Europe into war again and again:

[Saying] that the EU is what stands between people and the dogs of war is just silly.

Next up: Preserve the EU or we'll kill this puppy!

Merkel takes aim at the puppy (tip to NRO):

Mrs Merkel said European leaders could not allow the single currency to fail as “the world is watching”.

“Nobody should believe that another half century of peace in Europe is a given — it’s not,” Mrs Merkel said. “So I say again: if the euro collapses, Europe collapses. That can’t happen.”

The elites can try to scare the people with images of war. But I think more people are willing to see that puppy die.