Sunday, December 27, 2009

The System Worked?!

Is our DHS secretary stoned? What narrow bureaucratic frame of reference do you have to possess to believe this?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says investigators did not have enough information to keep a terror suspect from boarding a flight bound for Detroit and that the system worked as it should have.

The terrorist got on board one of our planes--despite a warning from the man's father!--with a bomb, and only the failure of the bomb maker to make a working bomb or the failure of the terrorist to understand how to detonate it prevented a disaster over the skies of Michigan!

In what way was this a success? Does our "system" count on either a defective bomb or inept terrorist to work?

Heck of a job, Nappie.

UPDATE: I'm not the only one unimpressed. A better analysis. As I said initially, we got lucky that either the bomb didn't work or the terrorist screwed up detonating it. We were lucky our failure didn't result in dead people in a plane blowing up in our sky, but it was failure.