Thursday, December 24, 2009

National Suicide Progressing Nicely

Wow, Chavez really is just an effing idiot:

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has told car companies they must share their technology with local businesses or leave the country.

Mr Chavez gave the ultimatum to Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Fiat during a public address.

If the demand isn't met, he said: "I invite you to pack up your belongings and leave. I'll bring in the Russians, the Belorusians, the Chinese."

Yeah, nationalizing more of the economy will work out swell.

So does the economy self-destruct and lead to the ouster of Chavez or does Chavez provoke a fight with Colombia or the Netherlands to distract Venezuelans for his stunning stupidity?

And given how Chavez has screwed his own military as royally as he's mucking up the economy, will that fight preserve his rule or accelerate his ouster?