Tuesday, April 19, 2005

China Survey

Winds of Change has a wide ranging survey of things Chinese. Quite interesting.

More interesting is this article from Real Clear Politics about China mucking around in Latin America.

It is no coincidence that China is positioning itself in the Gulf of Mexico, Panamanian Peninsula, Canada’s British Columbia, and Venezuela. It is also no coincidence that the Chinese are spending billions of dollars to upgrade antiquated Soviet military facilities in Cuba. Not surprisingly, escalating Chinese economic involvement in Latin America since the 1990’s has brought with it a resurgence of socialist behavior and empathy.

Recent actions by the Chinese in the Western Hemisphere are designed to secure state-sponsored outposts at strategic “choke” points that one day can be used by Beijing to place acute pressure on the US and its allies. In this regard, recent comments made by Chinese sympathizers such as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez that a “new geopolitical map of alliances is emerging” support a troubling trend of inflammatory comments by Latin leaders. Otto Reich, a Cuban-born US diplomat under the first President Bush stated in March.

"The US needs a secure and prosperous hemisphere not only to ensure a peaceful neighborhood in which to live, but also to be able to project its power to the farthest reaches of the globe."

We could well have another crisis over Cuba and their backer. Or Venezuela could be the crisis point.

The Chinese sure pick thuggish friends. Look around the world and what do you see? Whether it is North Korea, Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, or Cuba, to name a few, you find outposts of tyranny. That alone should tell us a lot about China.