Friday, August 30, 2019

Erdogan ... Chose Poorly

So how is Sultan Erdogan's plan to ditch their NATO ally America in favor of actual thug autocrat Putin's Russia going?

About like this:

The seizure by the Syrian government forces of Khan Sheikhun in the northwestern province of Idlib may change the agenda of Turkey-Russia relations.

Turkey thought Russia sided with Turkey in northwest Syria. But Russia does not, and backed a Syrian air strike on a Turkish convoy.

Turkey thinks it is getting a Russian friend by stiff-arming America.

But Russia doesn't need Turkey as a friend. Surely the Russians know that even if Turkey let Russia's Black Sea warships enter the Mediterranean Sea freely in war, that NATO would sink them all after a short but exciting life.

All Russia needs is for Turkey to be hostile enough to NATO to keep NATO out of the Black Sea.

Erdogan chose poorly.

The Syrian offensive backed by Russia continues:

Syrian government forces pressed ahead with their military offensive in Idlib, seizing a cluster of villages on the southeastern edges of the province on Thursday as the overall civilian death toll from the campaign rose further.

Perhaps Erdogan's replacement will choose wisely.