Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Nuance of the Deal

I just want to remind people that the big-brained nuanced set that deceptively sold the American public on the value of the (now dead!) 2015 Iran nuclear deal told us that the Iranians would of course--and obviously--use the financial windfall from the deal to improve their economy.

Let's recall that reassurance here, here, here, and here.

But the hope that the deal would just be the first goodness lesson we gave to Iran didn't work out despite Kerry's claims that the burning sensation meant the deal was working!

The deal was always going to be nuclear nonsense given that the basis for the deal was always going to be what I long feared:

Well of course a deal is possible! Duh. All Iran has to do is pretend to end their drive for nuclear weapons and all we have to do is pretend to believe Iran. Simple, no?

Actually, I underestimate the ability to pretend. As it turns out, Iran pretended not to even have a nuclear weapons program. And the Obama administration and our European allies pretended to believe them.

Yet our European allies still want to pretend despite having their noses rubbed in the fraud.

Also, please note that the Russians and the Obama team of weasels--who suddenly went full anti-Russian in autumn 2016--are still fully committed to the deal. I await the special prosecutor inquiry into collusion.

The deal is dead? Don't take chances. Shred it. Burn it. Scatter the ashes. And salt the earth so no awful deal will grow there again.

UPDATE: State Department briefing on ending the deal.