Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Goodness Lesson Number One

If the Iran deal is--somehow--supposed to bring Iran into the family of nations as a responsible regional partner as President Obama hopes, it would be nice if the mullahs started sometime soon.

Behold our new and improved Iranian partner!

In Kuwait police, acting on tips, found 20 tons of ammunition (mostly) and weapons hidden in some homes near the Iraq border. Most worrisome was the presence of 144 kg (316 pounds) of explosives and over 200 grenades. These are for terror attacks and Kuwait suffered the last one in June. Interrogation of those using the buildings revealed that the stuff was smuggled in as part of an Iranian sponsored effort to create a large Shia terrorist organization in Kuwait. Iran was using Hezbollah operatives in Iraq to handle a lot of this.

Our absence from Iraq from 2012-2014 and policy of ignoring Iran's penetration of Iraq under the guise of fighting ISIL this year have allowed Iran to build up operatives inside Iraq to do this.

Remember, defeating ISIL is only a partial victory if Iran retains their strengthened foothold inside Iraq and if Assad remains in power in Syria.

And the defeat of ISIL could ultimately just lead to defeat if Iran and Assad can exploit the defeat of ISIL to be an even bigger threat to the region and America.

Iran is not going to be our partner for promoting peace no matter how much our president believes the force of his historic presidency will make it so (and while reset with Cuba is similar in motivation, as a weak Axis of El Vil member rather than a charter member of the Axis of Evil, the consequences are likely restricted to falling on the long-suffering Cuban people).

We're attempting to give Iran goodness lessons, but it isn't taking.

Our Spongespine Spandexpants isn't up to the task of altering Iran's DNA.

Good partners don't rip other people's arms off. Or plan terrorist attacks inside Kuwait.

You have to admit, we did get our wallet out.

UPDATE: Nor do I trust the Russians to give goodness lesson number two:

Moscow and Tehran say they plan to expand military and economic cooperation after international sanctions against Iran are lifted under a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Of course they do.