Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Of Course a Deal With Iran is Possible!

This is news about our negotiations with Iran about their nuclear program?

A senior U.S. official on Tuesday cautioned against excessive optimism over six world powers' nuclear talks with Iran but said disputes could be overcome and a deal reached by their self-imposed July 20 deadline.

Well of course a deal is possible! Duh. All Iran has to do is pretend to end their drive for nuclear weapons and all we have to do is pretend to believe Iran. Simple, no?

I have no doubt that this administration and our Western allies would be willing to pretend to believe an Iranian false promise to halt nuclear weapon work. Let the next governments worry about the future while they bask in the glory of a deal that promises peace for our time.

If we don't get a deal, I think it will be because Iran will save us by refusing such a framework. I really think that the Iranians may have such contempt for us that they won't even be willing to pretend to comply with the West's demands.

And even if we can convince the Iranians to pretend to submit to our demands in exchange for our public acceptance of those lies, Israel reserves the right to reject such a framework:

In recent weeks, Israeli political and national security figures have been publicly outlining what they would find intolerable in a final agreement, and hinting that a bad deal could force Israel to take military action.

So we've got that going for us.

UPDATE: And don't forget that if the Saudis think we are unreliable enough of an ally to allow Iran to go nuclear quietly while we look away--leaving the Saudis and other Gulf Arab states at Iran's mercy--the Saudis might think they should cut a deal with Iran to avoid being the last one standing when the music stops:

Saudi Arabia has invited Iran's foreign minister to visit, Riyadh said on Tuesday, hinting at the possibility of a thaw between two bitter rivals, whose struggle for influence is evident in conflicts throughout the region.

Who knew that Moslem world contempt for America as either an enemy or ally who is to be taken seriously could work to unite Shias and Sunni? Arab and Persian?

When we were so called "cowboys," at least the figurative Indians feared us and the homesteaders welcomed us.

Yes indeed, Nobel Peace Prizes all around!