Sunday, August 13, 2017

Get a Grip, People

Really? Venezuela is imploding and President Trump's Captain Obvious remark that we might have to intervene is what would spread turmoil in the region?


President Donald Trump said he’s considering a military option in response to the political and economic crisis in Venezuela, raising the specter of a U.S. intervention in Latin America that could spread turmoil in the region.

America could easily have a military role to help cope with a collapse of Venezuela's government by landing troops to hold a port and airfield in order to ship in relief supplies so refugees don't spread turmoil in the region.

America could easily have a military role if Maduro strikes at a neighbor (including the Dutch, but potentially Guyana or Colombia) to whip up foreign Devils in order to justify even more repression and to try to rally some people to his regime.

Barring those two events that represent spreading turmoil, I sincerely doubt that America would intervene.

And no, Trump's statement doesn't play into Maduro's hands. Don't try my patience with that nonsense. That idiot socialist maduro and his idiot socialist predecessor Chavez called both Bush 43 and Obama threats to that precious socialist paradise they were building.

Get a grip, people.

UPDATE: Of course, Venezuela could do something really extreme:

One of Venezuela’s most powerful leaders may have put out an order to kill Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a fervent critic of the South American country’s government, according to intelligence obtained by the U.S. last month.

I guess it is a thing for leftists to try to kill American legislators these days.