Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Moving NATO command and control assets forward to use air power is an important capability. Meet the redeployable DACCC that does this:

For NATO’s air assets during deployed operations, this capability is provided by the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC). ...

The DACCC consists of ten shipping containers, 360 tonnes of support equipment, seven antenna systems, and a team of multinational operators. These operators are aircraft controllers responsible for controlling air missions, including surface to air missiles, or fighter allocators. Together the team controls the aircraft taking part in the mission; for fighter jets this includes identifying and responding to targets that pose a threat to NATO.

Sure, this can be airlifted, driven, or shipped forward to an air base.

But it could also be mounted on a Modularized Auxiliary Cruiser (with a helicopter landing pad part of it, of course) and made mobile to move off the coast near our forward air bases to do the job, couldn't it?

And in peacetime, by moving around to potential hotspots, the staff of the DACCC could gain familiarity with the various theaters the staff might need to operate in during wartime.

And as I noted in that concept, the Modularized Auxiliary Cruiser could certainly offload the modules to operate on land.

So we could have a EUCOM Queen, too.