Friday, March 10, 2017

Never Embrace the Bear

America-backed rebels have turned over territory that Turkey wanted under their control to the Syrian government. Is Turkey enjoying their new Russian friend yet?

Well, that's gonna leave a mark:

Syrian government forces have taken over positions from a U.S.-backed militia in the northern city of Manbij on part of a frontline with Turkish-backed rebel forces, in line with a deal brokered by Russia, the militia's spokesman said on Monday.

The Russians are making it clear that the Russian-Turkish deal on Syria is only on Russian terms:

Putin was making a point — loud and clear — that this was now history, and that the Russians are now working openly with the Kurds to obstruct Erdogan’s buffer-zone, reminding him that it was the Kremlin, rather than Ankara, that was calling the shots in Syria, and that no scheme would ever pass in this war-torn country if not approved by Moscow.

Turkey stiff-armed America in 2003 by denying permission for America's most advanced division, 4th Infantry Division (heavy) to strike Saddam's forces from the north.

And despite President Obama's decision to embrace Turkey's Erdogan as a safe and tame Islamist, Obama never backed Trukey's desire for a buffer zone.

So Turkey--which should have embraced their NATO membership that some states to the north would kill to have--turned to Russia's fellow autocrat (as Erdogan is rapidly becoming) while alienating America.

How'd that work out?