Friday, December 23, 2016

Too Much Information?

Nobody who reads this blog could be confused about my position on Russia. They are being paranoid aggressive a-holes and we need to resist them.

So you can be sure that I am in favor of resisting Russian efforts to sway our elections as much as I was opposed to other foreigners donating to the Clinton Foundation to sway our election or donating online from anywhere in the world on an Obama donation site that disabled restrictions on taking money from only locations in America.

But the Democrats are going too far in their complaints (tip to Instapundit). Consider:

What is alleged is that Russia hacked the DNC and released information intended to make Clinton look bad. That’s a criminal act, and we should prosecute anyone we can get onto U.S. soil. On the other hand, it’s poor grounds for invalidating an election. “The American voter had too much information about the Democrats” is not a ringing slogan with which to argue that their party should really have won.

Democrats did not deny the validity of the information. They slammed the source of the information, which would have been information that our media dug up if it did its job rather than acting as an arm of the Clinton campaign.