Thursday, December 15, 2016

Democrats, Get a Grip

I don't think that Russia tried to get Trump elected. And all this Democratic talk of Russia hijacking our election is just helping Russian propaganda about our democracy.

Oh, I'm confident that Russia tried to hurt Hillary Clinton with (accurate and damning) emails they stole from Democrats.

I admitted that in this post, although I have a very different conclusion:

Russia attacked Clinton with (apparently accurate) email leaks not to aid a Trump victory but to damage a victorious Clinton. The Russians absolutely did not engineer the election of Trump no matter how many times the left insists this is true. And I have no doubt that the Russians are as unhappy as the Democrats.

Let me add that if the Russians really wanted Trump to win, they would not have made it so obvious.

Do you really think the Russians are that bad at propaganda? No way. That's what I argued back in July:

Would an old KGB hand like Putin really do something supposedly pro-Trump when it is so obviously traceable to him?

Isn't it more likely that by seeming to attack Hillary that Putin is hoping for a backlash against Trump as the candidate of Putin--as Hillary Clinton's supporters are already claiming?

Which would mean that Putin would rather have Clinton in the White House.

As long as the Clintons pay the protection money in currency Putin demands--flexibility in bending to Moscow's objectives.

I'm glad I found that old post. I recently read some author saying the same thing and I thought surely I would have mentioned that obvious angle before.

I think Russia wanted and fully expected to get a President Hillary Clinton weakened by their email leaks; and vulnerable to blackmail because of the more serious emails from Hillary's illegal private server that she used for classified and other sensitive information not released.

The Russians instead lost their ploy to wreak havoc in our election, damage our brand of democracy, and get a damaged Clinton into office.

But Putin at least has Democrats trying to engineer a victory for Hillary in the electoral college vote  to make up for Russia's strategic warfare attack on our democracy and damage our brand of democracy with this futile tantrum.

And I'll say it again. If the Democrats think Russia stole our election, they should have the effing balls to introduce a declaration of war against Russia in Congress. Demand a special session of Congress if necessary.

And maybe Democrats should vote to impeach President Obama who, don't forget, let this cyber-theft and campaign interference happen on his watch.

Indeed, the administration did nothing in the hopes of getting Russian cooperation on Syria!

For months, Obama administration officials have debated how to respond to Russian hacks they believed were intended to undermine the US elections. But they kept arriving at reasons not to respond publicly.

In addition to a fear of sparking a wider cyber-conflict and an attempt to save talks with Russia over Syria, the administration did not want to give Donald Trump reason to cry foul following what they were certain would be a Hillary Clinton victory.

That hope for Russian humanitarian cooperation in Syria worked out just swell, eh?

Democrats lost the election. They boasted before the election of their electoral college advantage that gave them a near-insurmountable advantage over Republicans that would last forever. But it didn't. And now they--of all people--are looking for Russians under every bed to blame for their failure to defeat Donald Trump, of all people, who makes Barack Obama look like the most prepared man to assume the presidency ever.

Heck, maybe Democrats should examine whether the Russians infiltrated and hacked the Clinton campaign itself, given this revelation about how wrong their election model was.

UPDATE: Holy cow! Are the Canadians behind that celebrity effort to get electors to dump Trump?

Are you really ready for poutine as a national dish? Canadian bacon that everyone knows is just ham? Vinegar and salt on our potato chips and french fries? The Juno Awards in prime time? What about the metric system? Are you truly ready to embrace Monday Night Curling?!!

Don't do it people. We've been warned:

On the bright side, we have the Russians to blame again. Even Democrats agree!

[I fully realize that the list of horrors I jotted off with zero research betrays a disturbing amount of familiarity.]