Friday, December 30, 2016

China Online

For all the attention on Russian hacking, let's not forget that China is a major factor in attacking our systems online:

The FBI is investigating how hackers infiltrated computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for several years beginning in 2010 in a breach senior FDIC officials believe was sponsored by China's military, people with knowledge of the matter said. ...

The FDIC is one of three federal agencies that regulate commercial banks in the United States. It oversees confidential plans for how big banks would handle bankruptcy and has access to records on millions of individual American deposits.

As a rule, we should be better at stopping intruders, identifying and tracking the attackers, and responding without exposing our best cyber-weapons withheld in case of all-out war.

You'd think we have enough lawyers to tie up such hacking foes in lawfare counter-attacks.