Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blame? Thanks? Whatever

Bill Clinton blames white men and FBI for Hillary's defeat?

Former President Bill Clinton mocked President-elect Donald Trump’s intelligence, said “angry, white men” helped secure his victory and blamed FBI Director James Comey for Hillary Clinton’s November defeat during a spontaneous Q-and-A at a New York bookstore earlier this month.

Oh yeah, Hillary isn't the one who ignored the concerns of the white working class in favor of those who advocate bizarre pronouns; and the FBI forced Hillary to use and then try to hide a leaky personal email system while she was Secretary of State.

But more to the point, what's this "blame" act he is putting on? Did you see him on stage when Hillary lost the election?

Hillary? Stunned. Kaine? Perhaps physically in shock.

Bill? Obviously delighted that he will remain the only president in the Clinton family. Those are happy eyes. That's not a frown but a relieved smile trying not to burst out.

At least this is a retreat from the nonsensical notion that Putin wanted Trump to be president.

Bill Clinton will forever be grateful to white men and the FBI. Now move on and trouble us no longer.