Friday, January 22, 2016

Window of Opportunity

Hezbollah is reeling from their casualties in Syria while fighting for Assad. Now would be the time for Israel to hammer Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel is looking north:

Israel's military has conducted a drill to prepare for simultaneous combat along its northern frontier with Syria and Lebanon.

It said Wednesday the two-week exercise that combined air, ground and naval forces was aimed at "preparing troops for a long-term multi-front conflict."

Hezbollah has suffered a lot for Assad:

Hezbollah had suffered so many losses in Syria since 2013 that morale within Hezbollah was low.

I think the Israelis are looking north to Baalbek, Lebanon.

Given that the release of so much money to Iran will allow the mullahs to increase support for Hezbollah to threaten Israel, it would probably be a good idea to tear up Hezbollah before Iran can ramp up support.