Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why I Hate Donald Trump

I really don't like Donald Trump. I never have. That said, I might have to vote for him in November 2016.

I don't like Trump. I don't see him as really conservative. I don't even think he really wants to be president. It has all seemed to be about Brand Trump and free advertising. But after his campaign has not collapsed as predicted (and I certainly thought it would), perhaps Trump is getting used to the idea of being called "Mister President."

Yet the Republican establishment is seriously bugging me, too. Trump has tapped into frustrations that the establishment should have addressed in more serious terms than Trump is addressing them. But no, the establishment prefers to signal that the frustrations and concerns that Trump has appealed to are illegitimate.

And after getting Trump to agree to support the eventual nominee on the assumption that his support would drop, now some Republican leaders seem to be backing away from abiding by that type of pledge? Really? Read my lips! No third party candidates!

Backing away from that pledge is what I can't do. After complaining that some normally Republican voters didn't come out for Romney or McCain (or Dole, for that matter), how could I sit out the election if Trump wins as if that doesn't mean I'm throwing the election to the other side?

And I cannot under any circumstances be part of sending a corrupt and untrustworthy person or a self-proclaimed socialist--perhaps worse--(or the serial-bad touching, village idiot who is oddly still seen as the one to rescue the Democrats from those choices) to the Oval Office.

At least if Trump wins, Republicans will be brought in further down the organizational charts to staff the new president's administration.

At least a Democrat won't be appointing judges. And no matter how much you worry about Trump, could he do worse than Democrats or even some Republicans whose nominees all seem to "evolve" to the left?

At least the media won't crow that President Obama's policies have been validated with an effective "third term" that protects his executive actions.

And were I Czar, I'd move the Supreme Court to Topeka, Kansas.

But I digress.

So yes, if Trump actually does win the Republican nomination, I would have to vote for him in the general election.

And for that, I will always hate him.