Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pretending to Love Peace

We should reject North Korea's call for a peace treaty with America and tell Pyongyang that if they want peace, sign a peace treaty with South Korea.

This is no peace-loving move:

North Korea on Saturday called for the conclusion of a peace treaty with the United States and a halt to U.S. military exercises with South Korea to end the North's nuclear tests.

This is about ratifying North Korea's gains at our expense.

If North Korea is willing to end their nuclear tests, they must believe they've run enough to perfect nuclear warheads.

Second, ending American military exercises is just a means of making South Korea more vulnerable to North Korean threats by prying us away from our ally.

Third, calling for a peace treaty with America--rather than with South Korea--is all about North Korea's refusal to recognize South Korea as anything but a puppet of America.

So compel North Korea to recognize the legitimacy of the South Korean state by insisting that peace talks take place with the Republic of Korea.