Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Make Feminists Care

The feminist Left can't get worked up about the Moslem migrant rape culture evident in Europe?

Tell the feminists that the Cologne sexual assault spree was carried out by Iota Sigma Lambda Alpha Mu fraternity.

That will get feminists angry, eh?

UPDATE: Related news.

UPDATE: In defense of the migrants, the percentage of that group involved in sexual assault and crime is lower than the percent of the Clinton family involved in those crimes.

UPDATE: This doesn't help the immigration control side:

Over 200 masked right-wing supporters, carrying placards with racist overtones, went on a rampage in the eastern city of Leipzig on Monday night, throwing fireworks, breaking windows and vandalizing buildings, police said.

I know they aren't terrorists because nobody on the Left or in the Moslem world is wringing their hands asking "why do they hate us?"

Perhaps if the rioters felt the government was more interested in protecting their families than hiding the impact of unrestrained mass migration on European societies (tip to Instapundit), we wouldn't see this type of thing.

And it would have been helpful if the ruling elites hadn't denied that questions about this immigration policy raised valid concerns rather than being racist and Islamophobic (but not misogynist, I guess).