Thursday, January 28, 2016

Even On Crazy Pills, What Hillary Did Was Bad

Hillary Clinton's private email server that bypassed secured government systems is a violation of common sense and national security safeguards even before you look at what was on that system.

Yet Clinton defenders insist that we find a "smoking gun" about what was in those emails that can be proved to harm America, as if she really did only use it for setting up yoga schedules and emailing family and friends about Chelsea's wedding.

Even if you are on crazy pills and fail to see that the server itself is the crime (as Jonah Goldberg so eloquently describes this tendency), the smoking guns continue to dribble out:

In another Fox News exclusive, Catherine Herridge reports that according to two sources, "at least one of the emails on Hillary Clinton's private server" contained highly sensitive reporting of human intelligence sources engaged in ongoing operations, known as "HCS-O" in the intelligence community. "This is the most sensitive category," Herridge said, "because of the jeopardy to the source."

The private server is the crime. It is the smoking gun.

The individual emails are just the bullets that cycled through the server to hit our national security.