Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Why Do They Hate?

Jihadis will keep killing until prosperity improves:

In many parts of the world Islamic terrorism has become fashionable, especially among young Moslem men. It's a coping mechanism for failure. More than half a century after the Arab world once more became free (first from centuries of Turkish rule in 1918, then a few decades of European supervision), the truth has sunk in. While the rest of the world prospered during the last half century, the Arabs are still uneducated, unproductive, poor and ruled by tyrants and kings. What are young Moslems to make of this?

Hint: It isn't our fault.

Indeed, Moslems do rather well in our free society, when they aren't crushed by the societies that led them to flee to our shores.

Do read it all. Stop asking "why do they hate us?" They hate everyone. Ask why do they hate.