Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Avoiding a Mistake

President Obama is trying to shame Democrats into voting for his Iran nuclear deal by likening rejection to voting for war with Iraq. But if destroying the Baathist Saddam regime was a mistake, why did our president recommit American troops to defending the fledgling Iraqi democracy?

Not wishing to argue the Iran nuclear deal on the merits, President Obama is trying to shame Democrats into backing the deal by essentially saying a vote against the deal is like the vote to destroy the Saddam regime:

President Barack Obama is depicting a looming congressional vote on the Iran nuclear deal as the nation's most consequential foreign policy debate since the authorization of the Iraq war, a now unpopular decision that still reverberates through American politics.

In a bid to discredit criticism of the deal, Obama will also argue in a speech Wednesday at American University that the politicians who supported the Iraq war now oppose the diplomatic deal with Iran.

If destroying the Saddam regime was such a mistake, why did President Obama recommit thousands of American troops to defend the Iraqi government against ISIL invasion?

And no, it isn't enough to say we are simply fighting ISIL.

After all, we aren't fighting ISIL in Libya.

And more to the point, even though we are bombing ISIL in Syria, we explicitly say that we aren't doing it to support Assad's Baathist government.

And although we're not good at it, we train rebels to fight Assad. Including a deal with Jordan to support Southern Front rebels.

And we came to a deal with Turkey to create a safe zone for anti-Assad rebels in the north. And we've even said we'll provide air support to some rebels if Assad attacks them.

So if it is all about defeating ISIL rather than defending Iraq, we'd be defending Assad, too.

Face it, regardless of what you feel about the price we paid, we achieved something good in Iraq and even President Obama eventually had to commit American military power to defend it.

Members of Congress should definitely take this vote seriously. And if they think they made a mistake about Iraq, remember that President Obama doesn't really seem to believe that a new Iraqi government is a mistake.

And perhaps members of Congress should not make a mistake of giving our enemy, the mullah regime of Iran, a path to nuclear weapons that might really create an Iraq-like WMD vote on what to do about Iran in ten years or so (or sooner).

Vote this deal down. Honestly, do you really trust the amazingly bad process that this administration uses to develop foreign policy? (Tip to Instapundit)