Friday, August 14, 2015

An Inconvenient Truth

Governor Jindal said the obvious and so must be punished:

‘Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.” It’s a snappy line Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal lobbed onto the early-bird debate stage last night. It has the cadences of the colonists’ “No taxation without representation,” and, unlike its historical antecedent, it has the advantage of being not merely a cri de coeur, but an incisive truth.

Naturally, therefore, the Left is having none of it.

Look. I'm in favor of legal immigration. As many on the Left are fond of saying to justify their positions for open borders, immigrants built this country. I agree with that statement.

But that statement implies that immigration is ultimately supposed to benefit America.

Which means we get to set the conditions, rules, and numbers so immigration does benefit our country.

And I dare say Ukraine and every other country with ethnic Russians (or even just ethnic Slavs) would back Jindal's analysis.