Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Iran Reset Charade

So we'll have a bad nuclear deal with Iran. This is better than no deal because no deal means war--according to deal supporters.

The logic will continue.

When Iran cheats, deal supporters will say better an imperfectly obeyed deal than no deal.

And when Iran builds nukes--perhaps without admitting that--deal supporters will say the deal is still good because without the deal Iran would have more nukes.

There will even be some who will argue that while it is a shame Tel Aviv was slagged, at least the deal kept New York safe.

The absurd notion being peddled by pro-Obama elements that this faux deal will pave the way for future cooperation between America and Iran only makes sense if this deal is merely the first appeasement of Iran by America.

It would be better to have an imperfect status quo that doesn't allow our leaders to pretend we have a real deal.

Have a super sparkly day.

UPDATE: I assume the administration will hang the "mission accomplished" banner.

UPDATE: Executive summary of the deal--we're fucked.

UPDATE: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists invited experts to comment on the 100-page deal. The Iranian nuclear scientist and diplomat didn't need any time to pronounce the deal a dessert topping and floor wax.

UPDATE: While I'm reasonably sure from early reports and past retreats that this is a deal where Iran pretends not to have nuclear weapons programs while we pretend to believe them, I will wait to see the deal before losing all hope.

I will say, if this was a real "Nixon goes to China" moment, President Obama would order the strikes to begin just as the signing ceremony is about to begin.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. The reset has begun as Iran aligns their position with President Obama's.