Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peace for Our Time, Eh?

I'm so relieved President Obama has restored our relations with the rest of the world:

Canada is one wrong move away from a border war with the United States—if you believe a group of boiling-mad Maine lobstermen. Unfathomable as armed conflict between Canada and the United States seems, if it’s going to happen, it will be in the ocean between Maine and New Brunswick, where two tiny, treeless islands—North Rock and Machias Seal—are the last remaining disputed lands between the two countries.

Perhaps it is time for a presidential outreach speech to Canadians to restore our poor relations, eh?

Actually, I'm sure our president is simply unaware of another opportunity to retreat. If Canada would bring the issue up and hint that they have a secret nuclear weapons program, I'm sure they'll get those islands in short order.