Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flight Club

As I feared, the Obama administration is willing to pretend to believe a false Iranian promise not to develop nuclear weapons.

Worse, President Obama is willing to surrender even more than our European allies are willing to give up to get such a deal:

Rather than continuing to work with his European partners, it appears the U.S. will once again leave the multilateral negotiations and conduct bilateral talks. The assumption is that on their own, American diplomats will be able to entice the Iranians to sign on the dotted line with concessions that even the French and the British wouldn’t consider. If true, this illustrates that what the president started last year with the interim deal is a process that has one goal and one goal alone: getting a deal with Iran no matter what the price.

Like his objectives for Afghanistan and Iraq, President Obama just wants to delay Iran from going nuclear until he is out of office to escape blame for his decisions.

Obviously, the first rule of Flight Club is don't talk about Flight Club. If this report is true, the president wants to run and worries that even the friggin' Europeans will balk at his objective. So secret direct talks with Iran, it is.

Have a super sparkly day.