Friday, May 02, 2014

Check Your Civilian Privilege?

It strikes me that if I want to be intellectually lazy and pose as moralistically superior, I can stiff-arm any leftist criticism of my military analysis by telling them to "check their Civilian Privilege" and just shut up.

Because I apparently can't comment on a whole slew of topics. Tip to Instapundit.

Why don't we all have to play by the same rules? I've served in uniform. It was limited, I freely admit. But I did have 8 years of service obligation in my contract. But it was military service (I have the DD214 to prove it), and I was at risk.

Why should those without any military service (Call of Duty doesn't count) have the right to offer an opinion at all on this category of debate? I mean, if the rules hold this in other cases, why not this one?

Of course, I would never claim the unique right to have an opinion on military matters. I might shake my head at the idiocy of an opinion. I do have confidence in my ability to offer opinions. But I'd never argue that someone has to check their Civilian Privilege and shut up. But I'm just a close-minded Neanderthal whose knuckles sometimes scrape the ground when I walk. What do I know?

Tolerance means something way different than our college leftists like to define it. Hey? Is it possible for someone to keep their white privilege and state their opinion in a pitifully tiny college campus "free speech zone"?