Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's. The. Law?

Apparently, It's. the. lie.

Yeah, remember when saying that Obamacare couldn't possibly guarantee that you could keep your health insurance if you like it--let alone make health care broader, better, and cheaper for both consumers and government--was just nonsense (and possibly racist)?

Face it. Keeping your health insurance doesn't require a grandfather clause. It requires a Santa Claus.

And sadly, the IRS will determine who is naughty and who is nice.

UPDATE: I honestly can't bear to listen to Representative Waxman speak. He misrepresents the truth so easily, I'd like to check his ID for his name, too.

Let's say it again: Obamacare only "saves" the federal government money over a ten year period because the law raises revenue over that period to counter the added expenses (and counts the revenue added from day one of enactment, three years before Obamacare expenses start, I'll add). He's simply gaming the Congessional Budget Office rules to assert something that common sense says is just not so.