Saturday, March 02, 2013

When Metrosexuals Ruled

European elite males once wore high heels. Until the Great Renunciation at the end of the 17th century:

It was the beginning of what has been called the Great Male Renunciation, which would see men abandon the wearing of jewellery, bright colours and ostentatious fabrics in favour of a dark, more sober, and homogeneous look. Men's clothing no longer operated so clearly as a signifier of social class, but while these boundaries were being blurred, the differences between the sexes became more pronounced.

Now that's more enlightened.

With a nod to Mad Minerva on the topic.

UPDATE: Ah, crud. Via Instapundit, we had a run of common sense for just a few centuries?

Designer fashion is no longer just for gay men and Europeans. Welcome to the age of sartorial enlightenment, in which the average male has shed schlumpiness for style.

Count me out.