Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Related Green News

I keep forgetting to mention a local green fail that amuses me every evening.

I long thought it was kind of funny that the light bulb over my car in the car port is the only incandescent bulb left in said car port. The other two were replaced with twisty, green CFL bulbs. How fitting that I got the 20th century technology.

But now, it is just funny. The two twisty bulbs have burned out while my bulb remains glowing in its lovely soft light.

It should be unnecessary to add that the twisty bulbs are obviously newer than my old bulb. I guess they don't necessarily last longer, after all. Perhaps cold Michigan winters aren't the same as laboratory conditions.

But at least the CFLs cost much more. Of that we're sure.

The government said the science that says compact fluorescents bulbs arebetter than incandescents is so solid that you can't have the latter. Are they? (tip to Instapundit)

Maybe the new LEDs are better than both. But I'd really rather have the choice of buying a bulb that in some forms might be as cheap as $10 when I might outlive it. Honestly, having my lightbulbs outlive me isn't my highest priority.