Friday, March 29, 2013

But We're On a Break!

If the ceasefire is over, can't we take some shots at that idiot Kim Jong Un?

The newest nutball says the war is on:

"From this time on, the North-South relations will be entering the state of war and all issues raised between the North and the South will be handled accordingly," a statement carried by the North's official KCNA news agency said.

Kim Jong Un is one reason God gave us JDAMs, after all.

I know that we aren't supposed to worry about crazy talk. But won't we be embarrassed if North Korea starts something after all the warnings they seem to be giving us?

At what point do we hit the North Korean assets that are a threat to our troops in the region and our allies?

Remember, the North Koreans might believe that if they strike a sharp blow and then stop and offer to talk, we'll be afraid enough to send money to them rather than risk an escalation.