Thursday, October 20, 2011

End of the Line

Television news reports that Khaddafi was shot and captured.

This won't do him much good:

Libya's acting prime minister has said that ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi is believed to be recruiting fighters from other African countries and preparing for a possible insurgency, hoping to destabilize Libya's new regime.

Do any of Khaddafi's followers have the aura to continue the fight?

UPDATE: Maybe killed rather than captured.

UPDATE: Killed in Sirte, it seems. It is never a bad day when a thug dictator meets his end from lead poisoning rather than dying peacefully in their bed. I'll take flipping a dictator to our side as better than having the dictator as an enemy. Especially when we have other enemies to deal with. But that doesn't mean I will be sad if they go down anyway.

And it is lucky for the Libyans that they don't have to try, convict, and execute the man with Western "human rights" activists pestering them every step of the way.

UPDATE: Let's see if Khaddafi gets a prompt, Moslem burial by the NTC. That's really important, right?

UPDATE: Let's make sure that we write down the proper respect that dead Moslem enemies must receive. Store the corpse in shopping mall freezer:

The body, stripped to the waist and wearing beige trousers, is laid on a bloodied mattress on the floor of a room-sized freezer where restaurants and stores in the center keep perishables. A bullet hole is visible on the left side of his head and in the center of his chest. Dried blood streaks his arms and head.

I'm really a sensitive man, at heart.

UPDATE: More proper respect for a dead Moslem man. Please take notes:

Moammar Gadhafi's blood-streaked body was on display in a commercial freezer at a shopping center as Libyan authorities argued about what to do with his remains and questions deepened over official accounts of the longtime dictator's death.

Also Friday, new video emerged of his violent, chaotic last moments, showing fighters beating him as they drag him away.

I'm just trying to get the proper rituals down. So it is drag the body through the streets first and then wash and bury it facing Mecca? It is so complicated. And I do so want to be sensitive to their religious forms.