Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a Hike

The Russians already got the Obama administration to back down over the Bush missile defense plan, claiming wrongly that the missiles could hit Russian missiles heading for America.

So the Obama administration cancels that plan and puts in place a plan to add missile defenses to eastern Europe that don't defend American from missiles inbound from Iran but still protect Europe from Iranian missiles.

The Russians are still bitching:

Moscow has pressed for binding guarantees that a European missile shield would not weaken its nuclear arsenal, saying on Friday that the system now planned by the United States could threaten Russia's security after 2015.

Russia, not content that New START leaves Russia with no limits on theater range nuclear missiles, is apparently upset that the threadbare missiles defenses we plan for NATO to stop small numbers of Iranian missiles might force Russia to waste a number of nuclear missiles if Moscow should decide that Europe needs a good nuking to teach them manners.

Am I the only one disturbed that the Russians value so highly  their ability to nuke defenseless eastern European countries?

I do believe we should invite the Russians to take a hike along the Appalachian Trails. With themselves, of course. Vigorously.