Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not That Moment Yet

Russia's decision to side with the removal of Khaddafi is a good sign. Although it might just be a good sign for the formal removal of Khaddafi as a symbol while the regime itself survives under someone else. A someone else grateful to Russia for their survival and rule.

Still, it does make it more likely that the rank and file might crack under the pressure of NATO's air attacks and sanctions. But this is a little premature, if it is intended as a symbol of NATO victory:

"RAF Typhoons, along with other NATO aircraft, last night used precision-guided weapons to bring down guard towers along the walls of Colonel Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah complex in the center of Tripoli," Major General John Lorimer, chief British military spokesman, said in a statement.

"Last night's action sends a powerful message to the regime's leadership and to those involved in delivering Colonel Gaddafi's attacks on civilians that that they are no longer hidden away from the Libyan people behind high walls," he said.

Being done from the air means it is not exactly a pulling down of the Saddam statue in Firdos Square moment, if you ask me.