Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a Kid Having Fun

When I read about Weinergate (well, after I saw the picture), my first thought was Crocodile Dundee:

Ha ha. That's not a knife ...

Or maybe he'd just gone swimming:

Sorry, the good Congresscritter always struck me as quite the jerk when I've seen him perform on TV.

Still, who among us hasn't sent revealing photographs of ourselves to the world instead of to the one we intended it for?

But if you think this is embarrassing, imagine how he feels going through security to get to his House office?

Alright. I'm finished with this one. Sorry. It was too much fun to let it pass.

UPDATE: Kaus is calling for a third-party investigation into the claim by the Rep. that he was hacked and accusations that Breitbart is behind this. Fine by me. I don't know anywhere near enough to judge. And basically I don't care. Still, the Rep. did apparently take a picture of himself. Which is bizarre enough. And what I find funny. But if Weiner's defenders are defending their man not by saying who cares what he did but by accusing a convenient right wing journalist of doing this, I think it would be best for both parties to allow someone trusted to examine their files.

UPDATE: Wow! The right-wing smear machine is really good!

For God's sake! Can we not let this man get back to doing the important work for the people?