Sunday, January 31, 2010

Upgrading That Image Abroad

If we would try and convict jihadi plotters in military trials, it would harm our image abroad, our administration argues. That's why they want civilian trials.

So this is amusing in a "what on Earth are you thinking" sort of way:

Accused Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is likely to be executed after being tried and convicted, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Sunday.

Gibbs spoke on CNN's "State of the Union." The Obama administration has begun looking for places other than the heart of New York City to prosecute Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators in the face of fierce criticism tied to security and costs.

Now, I'm not one of those people who believes a fair trial means the defendant has a 50-50 chance of going free. Obviously guilty parties can have a fair trial even when everyone knows they'll be convicted at the end of the day.
But you'd think an administration willing to harm our own security by insisting on civilian proceedings would keep quiet to at least get the (arguably worthless) approval of the sainted international community.