Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ticking Them Off: The Sequel

Thailand is grinding down their own little jihad:

It's been a slow month for terrorism in the south. The six years of violence has left about 4,000 people dead, but the number of monthly casualties has been declining over the last year. This is due to a combination of security force presence, and war weariness among the Moslem majority (85 percent of the two million people in the south), which has made it more difficult for the terrorists to survive and thrive. There are 30,000 soldiers, 18,000 police and 40,000 armed volunteers working against a few thousand Islamic terrorists.
Yeah, if only George W. Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, none of that violence would have started, right?

I'll ask again, if you persist in believing America caused jihadi rage, what doesn't set jihadis off?