Monday, January 04, 2010

Galtieri Lite

Hugo Chavez has been casting about for enemies to rally his people in the face of Hugo's ineptitude that is wrecking Venezuala's economy and society.

America is the logical target, but even under Obama we might squash Hugo like a bug if we are provoked too much.

And Colombia, while attractive as an enemy, is more powerful than Venezuela, close by, and has motives to smash Hugo for propping up drug gangs and an insurgency in Colombia.

So who's left to pick on who's close enough to attack yet too far away to fight back? Ah yes, the evil Dutch:

Venezuela's government said Thursday that U.S. military counter-drug flights from nearby Dutch islands are violating its airspace in preparation for an attack.

I would not be surprised if Hugo attacks the Dutch Antilles in the belief that he could get a cheap military win over the evil (and safely distant and weak) colonialists who are obviously out to wreck his brilliant reign.