Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Should Not Have Fine Print to Read

Let's see how Littlest Pet Shop handles my Christmas dilemma.

My daughter, Lamb, loves Littlest Pet Shop. In one of her presents from Santa, she found a little diary with a page to put proof of purchase stickers. Fill it up and send it in, and you get a little special figure. She was so excited about that and very happy that she got enough stickers this Christmas to fill it up. I didn't even need to go online and print one out, which is allowed. What luck, I thought!

Until I filled out the form and noticed the offer expired in May 2009. What luck. I just bought that present from Santa two months ago! How can this be? I mentioned to Lamb that I didn't know what would happen since the offer expired.

"But how could Santa put an expired coupon in his present?" She asked, truly puzzled.

How, indeed. I mailed the coupon today. Santa wouldn't toy with a child that way. No way.

We shall see if LPS makes good on this offer, still reaching little girls through major toy stores, even if the exact special edition figure is long gone. I guess I'll know in 10 to 12 weeks.

One way or the other, Lamb will get a little figure in the mail. I'll make good on Santa's coupon even if Littlest Pet Shop won't.

Santa will not break a little girl's heart and faith in Santa.