Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Poem for Copenhagen

Al Gore is dabbling in poetry to inspire us to save the planet.

My eco-muse calls.

Al Gore feels Earth’s pain
Will save us if we let him
But at least he’s rich

I feel the waters receding and the Earth healing.
You're welcome.
OK, really, this has to be my last global warming post for the year.

UPDATE: Loop hole! I'm inspired. I call this one "Leeches"

Earth has a fever
Gore wants to bleed the patient
We need more cow bell

I feel the fever!

UPDATE: Since I'm taking a break from mocking global warmers, let me say that though I am a "denier," my basic problems with the whole global warming issue is 1) I don't think that the climate scientists have proven that man has caused global warming (I won't deny that we have pumped CO2--a very small component of greenhouse gasses--into the atmosphere but I see no evidence that this is close to being a cause of temperature rises we've seen); that climate change is catastrophic; or that socialist responses to attempt to stop climate change are a sane response to a problem.

So if the climate scientists would free the data and actually conduct science, I could be persuaded that we are experiencing either dangerous or man-made global warming. Which places me in a more scientific frame of mind than the actual climate scientists who have appeared to practice religion more than science. I admit, however, that even if I am persuaded that the climate scientists have made their case that global warming is real, dangerous, and man-caused, I won't be persuaded that socialist policies that reduce our freedoms and cripple our economy are the appropriate response. But I guess that makes me a wild-eyed denier.