Monday, December 28, 2009

Business Before Pleasure

Sure, the jihadi hot shots like the Christmas Day bomber get all the headlines and glory (and virgins in the afterlife) for killing infidel Westerners.

But every day, your less camera-eager jihadis who never aspire to rock star treatment go about the ordinary work of enforcing jihadi theology against the most vile enemies of the caliphate they are building--little girls who dare to read:

The Taliban blew up a girls' school on Monday in northwest Pakistan, where troops are battling the militants, police said.

Islamist insurgents opposed to co-education have destroyed hundreds of schools, mostly for girls, in the northwest of the country in recent years as they wage a fierce insurgency to enforce sharia law.

These are the true heroes of the jihad, eh? They who toil without the 24/7 news coverage granted to those who go for the big score in a Western plane. These brave Soldiers of Allah tally up their body count in obscurity, and only get the occasional print story that mentions their "hundreds" of operations.