Friday, October 23, 2009

I Stand Corrected

I wrote that the Europeans love our president because they assume he won't press them to do more in Afghanistan.

I guess President Obama improved our standing in Europe so much that the Europeans are now more supportive of our official Afghanistan strategy outlined by the president in the spring than we are:

At a meeting of 28 NATO defense ministers in Bratislava, Gates said he did not seek specific promises of military assistance, and none was given. He described, however, "a renewed determination to see this through."

"There were a number of allies who indicated they were thinking about, or were moving toward, increasing either their military or their civilian contributions, or both," Gates said at a news conference. "And I found that very heartening."

He praised NATO nations for already doubling the number of troops they have sent to Afghanistan over the last 15 months. "People really have been stepping up to this," Gates said.

Gates also sought to assure allies that the United States also will remain in the fight, despite the Obama administration's ongoing indecision over a war strategy.

It's kind of humorous in a sick I-wish-this-wasn't-about-our-safety sort of way.

Perhaps it's just the old curse of the Europeans getting what they wished for?