Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting What They Wanted

The Europeans have complained long and loud about how George W. Bush supposedly just acted without bringing the Europeans on board.

Today, the Europeans are frustrated that America won't make a decision on Afghanistan, according to Der Spiegel:

There is no doubt that hardly a day passes in Europe without criticism of US policy. This has become a trans-Atlantic ritual. But despite this ritual, Europeans are still looking for one thing from the White House: leadership.

We're waiting, Mr. President.

Huh. Relish those three sentences. European criticism of America doesn't much depend on who is in the White House. And Europe needs America to make a decision before the Europeans will do anything.

Again, huh. I guess they'll always be waiting for us to do something or to stop doing something. When they lack the military power to control their own destiny beyond their borders, they'll always complain about America who they rely upon to keep them safe in their giant EuroDisneyland world of soft power and social spending.