Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fighting (and Dying) for the Man

Remember the claim that only the poor and minorities die in America's wars started by old white men?

Sure you do. It was always bull and always thrown out by the anti-war side to stop us from fighting our enemies. But while you remember it, you have to admit that you certainly haven't heard recently the charge that the poor and minorities are doing all the dying, despite being at war for eight years.

Why is that? The reason is that a BS charge is even more BS today:

In the last decade, the recruits from the poorest families has gone from about 20 percent, to about ten percent. Meanwhile, those from the top 20 percent of families (in terms of income) has gone from under 20 percent, to about 25 percent.

And no, I shall never complain that rich white kids are dying for an African-American president sending them to war. This is America's war and Americans are enlisting to fight that war and die in it. Period.