Friday, October 23, 2009


Home today fending off the virus that struck me last Sunday. Swine flu? How the heck would I know? I'm a friggin' history major. And I'm not going to go to a doctor to wait in an office amidst God knows what viruses only to be told to rest and drink fluids. Unless I start coughing up green flecks of lung material, this is just a virus to ride out on my own.

Not the worst virus I've ever had, but it sure is persistent. I thought I was on the mend Wednesday morning and went to work--bad call. Thursday morning I felt worse than ever. Today, I feel better than yesterday.

I probably could have gone to work. But I thought that Wednesday, too. What the heck, I have 14-1/2 weeks of sick time accumulated. Why not use some of it? Besides, Mister is awfully worried that I won't be able to take him to the Penn State game tomorrow. I promised him I would, so I'll stay home and recuperate some more to build up a cushion of health to lose at a rainy, cold football game.

And then the next day I'll take Lamb to Build-a-Bear Workshop so she can, well, build a bear, of course. Our birthday is coming up and I promised her this would be one of her presents.

And add in another bleh--Yahoo!Geocities is shutting down Monday. This weekend I need to scour my files there to make sure I saved everything I want. I'm sure I have 95%, but I'd hate to miss something I later find I really want.

So, like losing the revolving globe here that previously resided on that site, I'll lose my fancy borders. And several links on the side bar to pages on the first generation TDR site. So soon I'll probably just go to a different template.

Not that I'm complaining. Y!G was great (and free) for many years. I had stuff there for over a decade, I think. And management gracefully gave me lots of advanced warning they are closing. So thanks to them for the good years, despite my complaints of dealing with the closure.

And I'm way behind in cutting and pasting archives from the old site into this site. So lots of old stuff will be gone until I hopefully add it here over the next year. And many links will just be dead. I doubt I'll ever try to fix those.

Which brings up another problem. I have well over 5,000 posts already--which is apparently the limit the dashboard will show me. Like I said. Bleh. Maybe a new template will solve that? (He writes hopefully)

To avoid a complete whine-fest, enjoy the Man Cold video:

I am really going to hate this winter.

Not that I'm complaining--much. But I won't turn down any sympathetic "poor little bunny" messages.